Saturday, August 9, 2014

How I got Healthy From almost 200 lbs to about 110 Part 1 works for men and women #diet #health

I have tried helping people when they ask for advise on how I got skinny some listen some don't. So I'm doing this for all those who want to lose weight, get , get more energy and be more healthy .
Before my last little man was born my husband found out he was diabetic. I wasn't too happy with my weight either and I knew the diet would be hard so I did it with him. It was really hard. But I did it and I figure if I did it anyone can do it. My self control sucks. But I think I wanted it badly enough so my nest few post will be how I did it and then I will post recipes and foods you can and can not eat .. So here we go, do you have the willpower to get healthy and have more energy to do the things you want to do ?

My husband and I went on The South Beach Diet , yes giving credit where credit is due but it seems no one has heard of it . You can look it up on Google or just read it here . Its 2 weeks of, no sugar, no fruit, no bread and no pasta . the first day sucks and is the hardest if you can get past your fist day you can do it. What makes it easier is that you get one cheat day a week . What this does is its like rebooting your body not to crave sugar . Its also cleaning all that icky stuff out of your body.You should notice a slight increase in energy and some belly fat missing. I lost 5 lbs my first week. But everyone is different.  If youd like to read more check out my E book